Gastric Balloon

The gastric balloon programme combines a clinically proven way to reduce hunger so that you eat less and lose weight without surgery. It is a short-term solution to kick-start your weight loss and help you learn the healthy habits to enable you to maintain that success after the treatment so that you lose weight quickly AND keep the pounds off over

6 month plan!

Patients can expect to lose 10-15kg, in just the first 6 months and with continued commitment will continue beyond. It is ideal for those with a bit of weight to lose who are overweight but not obese (BMI 28-30) and often chosen for reliable weight loss with a goal in mind e.g. before a wedding/special occasion, or after pregnancy.

Your Gastric Balloon Programme

As an eligible candidate, you will begin your programme by meeting with the surgeon to discuss the gastric balloon in detail.

Advantages of the Gastric Balloon

The balloon plan offers many distinct advantages over conventional diets and weight loss programmes. With the balloon you will:

  • Have a feeling of fullness
  • Lose more weight than with other dieting programmes
  • Be supported by a team of medical experts
  • Learn principles for long-term success
  • No need for general anaesthetic so less risk of complication
  • Non-surgical and completely reversible approach to weight loss

The gastric balloon is not a magic pill, but a tool to change your lifestyle. Taking part in the programme will give you the education and support to change your lifestyle habits and have a better chance for long-term success.

Gastric Balloon Diet & Lifestyle

During the six months that the gastric balloon is in place, you will follow a gastric balloon diet and there will be support from our team to measure your weight loss progress and provide you with advice.

The first week you will be on a liquid diet with instructions to drink lots of water. After the first week, the dietitian will recommend solids. You will receive instructions on your initial solid-foods nutrition regime with calorie restrictions. This period is important to prepare you for maintaining weight loss after the gastric balloon is removed. The gastric balloon gives you a window of opportunity to adapt to the lifestyle changes you must make in order to maintain your ideal body weight.

During the regularly scheduled meetings with your team, you will learn the principles you need to manage your weight, and to promote long-term health through lifestyle changes. As well as nutrition, this will cover exercise, eating behaviors and psychological issues related to food. While learning, you will be motivated by your success and turn these principles into habits that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Gastric Balloon


The Gastric Balloon Procedure – Video




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have listed here some of the more commonly asked questions from our patients about the Gastric Balloon Programme.

Q: What is the Gastric Balloon?

The gastric balloon is a soft, silicone sack that is inserted into the stomach and filled with sterile saline. With the gastric balloon you will have a feeling of satiety, or lack of hunger which will help you learn to moderate your food intake so that you eat less and lose weight without surgery.

It will stay in place for 6 months while you learn the habits of healthy eating and kickstart your weight loss with the help of our expert team of specialist dietitians. The gastric balloon will be removed after 6 months. With the help of the gastric balloon, you can more easily adopt the lifestyle changes that you will need to lose weight.

Q: How much weight will I lose?

You can experience significant weight loss averaging between 15-20 kilos, however your results will depend on how well you follow the programme and adjust your eating habits.

Q: How does the Gastric Balloon get fitted?

It is inserted through the mouth and then inflated with saline in the stomach to make you feel full.

Q: Will I be able to feel the gastric balloon in my stomach?

There will be discomfort during the first few days. After that, the primary sensation of the gastric balloon is a feeling of satiety or fullness.

Q: Are there side effects or complications with the gastric balloon?

The first 10 – 21 days can be very difficult. Cramping, nausea and vomiting are normal and should be expected. It is very important that you follow your doctor’s instructions and drink plenty of fluids. Medication will be available to help ease the discomfort.

Q: How is the gastric balloon inserted in the stomach?

The gastric balloon is a soft, silicone sack that is inserted into the stomach through the oesophagus and filled with a sterile saline.

Q: What About Pregnancy?

As with all medical procedures, the impact of a planned or unplanned pregnancy must be considered if that is a possiblity for you. Please discuss your questions and expectations about the programme with your physician and evaluate the benefits against the possible risks.


Unlimited Aftercare & Dietitian Support

Whether you have a gastric band, bypass, sleeve or balloon, your weight loss procedure is only the start of your journey. All these procedures are tremendous tools for weight loss and you can lose dramatic amounts of body weight, but it’s not entirely effortless. You DO have to work with it and you DO need aftercare following obesity surgery.

Gastric Bypass Aftercare

  • Access to our specialist weight-loss support team which includes a bariatric surgeon, dietitians and nurses
  • Post-operative assessment
  • 24 hour emergency telephone helpline



At your consultation you will be able to discuss the procedure in detail and ask any questions you may have.