Weight Loss

Bariatric Surgery / Weight Loss Surgery

The Weight Loss Group are the larges provider of Bariatric weight loss surgery in Pakistan , performing many weight loss procedures a year.

Evidence suggests that obesity is on the rise with 1 in 4 adults now obese but at here we are helping to reduce those figures with a combination of weight loss surgery and support – with some amazing weight loss results!

Our patients SUCCEED due to our excellent bariatric surgeons, weight loss surgery aftercare and expert weight loss specialist dietician support which is the secret of our success

In a recent weight loss surgery survey, over 99% of our Bariatric surgery patients achieved weight loss after surgery and their lives have had a dramatic change making them happy and be able to do many things which were not easy or possible before.

We also provide 'second stage gastric bypass and even redo' surgery which is not by anybodyin Pakistan.

Weight loss surgery may be considered if you have a BMI of 30+, with or without co-morbidities such as Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease or if you have struggled with your weight for many years. The various weight loss surgery options are outlined above.

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