Huraira Athur

I had a serious accident at starting of New Year 2016 in which my Femur (Thigh) Bone was fractured. After operation, I went on bed rest by which my weight was gaining so much. At that time I reached at 135 Kg and I was just only 16 years old. My Orthopedic Surgeon Dr.Sohail Rafi was refusing to keep weight on my operated leg so he recommended me Dr. Surrendar Dawani to do Gastric Sleeve Operation by which I will lose my weight and Dr. Sohail Rafi will allow me to keep weight on my leg. Then Dr. Surrendar gave me a diet plan by which I lost 7 kgs in 15 days and Dr.Surrendar did my operation in which he reduced the size of my stomach by about 65%. After Operation, My diet became pretty much less and I felt less hungry. This operation gave me so much advantage that I can now walk 3 to 6 kms very easily. My weight is now below 85 kgs. that is still too much but I am still losing my weight and InshaAllah later on I would be able to run !!!



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